It has been a quite some time before people have realized that an effective utilization of limited natural resources has been a common subject for all people living on Earth.

A Planet, the brilliant Earth is covered by abundant water, of which only 0.8% is fresh for human society while 97% is seawater. In addition, most of fresh water is being utilized for food production, that, as in Agriculture.

Food security is now a common issue for all people on earth. However, problem on agricultural production varies depending on both social and natural conditions. Agriculture in developing countries are now facing starvation due to agricultural concerns. Even Japan has difficulties in effective usage of limited farm land.

We, Sanyu Consultants Inc., has been actively involved in tackling these difficulties and issues of improving the welfare of human society through providing technical expertise as a Consulting Engineering Firm in the fields of agricultural/rural development and water resources development throughout the world.

We have celebrated our 50th existence in June 22, 2012 making our best efforts in alleviating the concerns and issues of the developing world through our involvement as Consultant Engineers.

Triggered by the large-scale water resources development project, gAichi Irrigation Development Project in Japanh funded by the World Bank through a loan for the reconstruction of the nation after the World War ‡U, Sanyu Consultants Inc. was established in 1962. Since then, Sanyu Consultants Inc. has continuously committed to develop water resources and rural infrastructures/societies by providing its consulting services and now enjoyed a steady and solid reputation worldwide as a leading Japanese consulting and engineering firm in the fields of agricultural/rural development and water resources development.

Our corporate motto, gSpirit and Joy of Helpingh shows our mission to contribute to the improvement of the lot of the people in the world through providing our technical expertise as a consulting and engineering firm.

To accomplish our mission stated above, our mission statement advocates that g We contribute to the development of human society by delivering safe water, food and energyh.

Having successful work records over half a century to date, we commit another half of a century as a consulting and engineering firm for Human Society to accelerate our efforts to contribute to the Earth.

Please expect our activities to come.