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SCIfs consulting service is available for various sectors covering agricultural and rural development, Water Resources Development, as well as Infrastructure, Natural Resources Management, Environment, Energy and etc.
Our major domestic projects by sector are presented as follows.
People dammed up the river and built reservoirs and canals. In Japan, history of Agriculture can be represented by the history of water use.gIrrigate the landh ----- This is the root of SANYU Consultants.
Dam and reservoir
Head works, Sluice way
Pump station
gAgriculture is@the very basic of a nationh is an absolute truth from ancient time in Japan.Today, this truth may be somewhat wavered. SANYU consultants will however devote itself to protect agriculture that produces food.
Agro-Economy Development Economy
20th century may be the period using energy incompatible with environmental conservation. In 21st century, it is important to make it compatible to use energy with environment conservation. This is the area of new business for SANYU.
Bio-mass Energy
Small hydraulic power generation
Some conservative ecologists express rejection to the word ginfrastructureh. But infrastructure is to be considered as one of the basic needs for our life. Our works is to plan and design the inevitably needed infrastructure in good balance with the nature.
Road, Bridge, Tunnel
Water Supply and sewage
River Planning/Erosion control
Reclaim, Shore Protection
The total property value of irrigation facilities in Japan is estimated to exceed as much as 25 trillion JPY. It is necessary to maintain these facilities and hand them over to the next generation. Now, we are looking for new idea and technology to meet this requirement.
Asset management
Reasonable Design based on performance of facility