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East and South Africa
Smallholder Market oriented Agriculture Project, Republic of Rwanda (2014 - on-going) 詳細
Technical Cooperation Project on Community-Based Smallholder Irrigation, The Republic of Zambia (2013 - on-going) 詳細
Rural Resilience Enhancement Project, Republic of Ethiopia (2012 - 2015) 詳細
The Project for Increasing Crop Production with Quality Extension Services in the Eastern Province of the Republic of Rwanda, Republic of Rwanda (2010 -2013) 詳細
The Development Study for Regional Development Programme in Nyando and Homa-Bay Districts, Republic of Kenya (2005 -2007) 詳細
The Study on the Capacity Building and Development for Smallholder Irrigation Schemes, Republic of Malawi (2002 - 2005) 詳細
The Pilot Study on Community Vitalization and Afforestation in Middle Shire, Republic of Malawi (2002 - 2005) 詳細
The Study on Improvement of Rural Environment in Degraded Land, Kingdom of Swaziland (2000 - 2004) 詳細

Angonia Integrated Regional Development Plan, People's Republic of Mozambique (2000 - 2001)

The Study on Development of the Resettlement Area for Demobilized Soldiers and Mine Laborers from South Africa, People's Republic of Mozambique (2000 - 2002) 詳細
The Study on the Integrated Rural Development Project in the Baringo Semi Arid Land Area (Marigat and Mukutani Divisions), Republic of Kenya (1999 - 2002) 詳細
Eleven Centers Water Supply and Sanitation, Socialist Ethiopia (1994 - 1996) 詳細
Master Plan for Groundwater Development and Management in the Stampriet Area, Republic of Namibia (1999 - 2001) 詳細
The Study on Community-Based Small Holder Irrigation Development Project Promotion of Horticultural Production in the Foothills of Mt. Kenya, Republic of Kenya (1997 - 1999) 詳細
The Groundwater Development and Water Supply for Seven Towns in the Southern Region, State of Eritrea (1997 - 1999) 詳細
Magalies Water Supply Project, Republic of South Africa (1995 - 1998) 詳細

The Study on Rural Water Supply in Mpigi, Mubende and Kiboga Districts, Republic of Uganda (1995 - 2001)

Unilahi- Murandava Groundwater Development Project, Democratic Republic of Madagascar (1995 - 1996) 詳細

Water Supply Project for Monduli Town and Surrounding Primary Schools, United Republic of Tanzania (1994 - 1996)

Water Supply Projects for Primary Schools, Kingdom of Lesotho (1994 - 1997)  
The Study on the National Water Resources, Republic of Zambia (1993 - 1995)  

Nyamkomba Area Irrigation Project, Republic of Zimbabwe (1989 - 1998)

Kimpese City Water Supply Project, Republic of Zaire (presently Democratic Republic of the Congo) (1987 - 1989) 詳細
Medium-Size Dams Irrigation Project in Masvingo Province, Republic of Zimbabwe (1987 - 1990) 詳細