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West Africa
The Water Supply Project of Kayes, Segiu and Mopti Region, Republic of Mali (2003 - 2007) 詳細
Master Plan for National Water Resources Management Project, Republic of Ivory Coast (1999-2001) 詳細
The Project of Water Supply at Kati, Koulikoro and Kangaba, Republic of Mali (1999 - 2002) 詳細
The Study for Sustainable Forest Management Project in Northern Reserve Area, People's Republic of Benin (1998 - 2001) 詳細
The Project for Water Supply and Guinea Worm Eradication, Burkina Faso (1997 - 2001) 詳細
Water Supply Project in Korifina Area, Republic of Mali (1996 -1998) 詳細
Nara Area Agricultural Development Project, Republic of Mali (1993 - 1995) 詳細
Master Plan Study on the National Water Resources Development and Management, Federal Republic of Nigeria (1992 - 1994) 詳細
Rural Water Supply Project in North-Central, Central-West and Northwest Region, Republic of Ivory Coast (1991 - 1995)  
Groundwater Development Project on Kara Area, Republic of Togo (1990 - 1993)  
Sokoto State Groundwater Development Project, Federal Republic of Nigeria (1988 - 1990)  
Ouna-Kouanza Irrigation Facilities Improvement Project, Republic of Niger (1988 - 1989) 詳細
Guinea-Worm Eradication Project, Federal Republic of Nigeria (1988 - 1990)  
Mechanized Agricultural Training Center, Republic of Ivory Coast (1988 - 1991) 詳細
The Project for Rural Water Supply, Republic of Ghana (1985 - 2002) 詳細

Groundwater Development Project / Rural Water Supply Project, People's Republic of Benin (1984 - 2011)

Fetzara Lake Peripheral Area Agricultural Development Project, Democratic People's Republic of Algeria (1983 - 1985)  
The Project for Development of Irrigation Facilities, Republic of Guinea (1983 - 1984) 詳細