Pilot Study for Project Formation for Sector Project Loan for Poverty Reduction and Rural Development, Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Sanyu Consultants Inc. proposed this Pilot Study to JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation) making use of its SAF (Special Assistance Facility) scheme in order to formulate new projects in Vietnam. The projects aim at diversifying and / or increasing productivities of economic activities in rural areas through infrastructure development etc. thereby improving living standard of the rural population in Vietnam. The Study particularly focused on aquaculture and rural industry development as the means of diversifying economic activities of the rural population and formulated development plans through participatory workshops. The Study introduced two significant approaches into the project formulation process: 1) identification of project components across the sectors from the viewpoint of community development vis-a-vis conventional project identification from the viewpoint of vertically divided sectors, and 2) incorporating bottom-up process or participation of rural residents into the development planning and project formulation process.