The Feasibility Study for Establishment of Open Paddy Market, Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia is blessed with fertile land and rich water resources, which spread over the Mekong basin system. And rice production reaches self-sufficiency in recent years. However, paddy distribution is carried out incoherently because the system is not prepared and the market is underdeveloped. There are big gaps between various areas in the price of rice for example. Farmers have to accept low selling price due to the shortage of the price information, that dealers in paddy do not have enough. Farmers do not try to increase the quality because the effort does not increase the selling price, furthermore. The low quality causes disadvantage on the trade with neighbouring countries.
This project aimed 1) to form a fair price through the improvement of paddy distribution system, 2) to stabilize paddy distribution through the providing of the price information, and 3) to increase farmersf income through the improvement of paddy quality and the establishment of fair and equitable trade.