Decentralized Irrigation Development and Management Sector Project (DIDMSP), Lao People's Democratic Republic
Laos is an agriculture country with only US$280 per capita GNP and 77% of total population are engaged in the agriculture sector. Lowlands along Mekong River are the major agriculture productive area in the country, however these areas have been suffering from severe flood damage in the wet season and unstable cropping due to high dependence on pumped water in the dry season. Under the circumstances, the DIDMSP was launched as a pilot project aiming to restructure and strengthen the irrigation sector, the most countryfs important issue, as well as to avail test case of co-financing assisted project between ADB and AFD targeting the poverty reduction in the rural area.
Under the principal strategies of decentralization and irrigation management transfer (IMT) through farmersf initiatives, the DIDMSP has been progressively implemented by the Irrigation Department, Project Management Office, provincial and district offices, Consultants, NGOs and water users associations (WUAs) working all together. The DIDMSP will be the key project towards improving the future agriculture in Laos.