Casecnan Multipurpose Irrigation and Power Project, Republic of the Philippines
Upper Pampanga River Integrated Irrigation System (UPRIIS) located in the Central Luzon of the Philippines is the largest national irrigation system in the country commanding the irrigated fields of 100,000 ha. The Project was launched on Yen loan for the objectives of rehabilitating superannuated facilities, increasing irrigation efficiency by O&M system restructuring, and installing irrigation system into the untapped rain-fed fields of 30,000 ha. The consulting team from Sanyu has been mainly engaged in the O&M system restructuring of the entire irrigation system. Remarkable point attracting the attention of concerned people is the fact that the consulting team has earnestly introduced the Project to the concept of Irrigation Management Transfer (IMT), which has been world-widely advocated for O&M of large-scale irrigation systems in recent years? Under the concept of IMT, the consulting team has been working on building-up a water management system, which includes establishment of the Consolidated Irrigatorsf Association, and putting it into practice.