Integrated Agricultural Development in Agricultural Land Reform Areas in the Upper N-E Region, Kingdom of Thailand

A participatory rural development project, in which emphasis is placed on gLearning Processh, has been implemented by Thai Government with JBIC loan finance (3.6 billion yen) based on JICA Feasibility Study conducted by JICA/SCI back in 1996-8. The Project aims at uplifting of farmersf livelihood by transforming mono-culture of cash crops such as sugar cane and cassava into mix farming system or integrated agriculture for self-sufficiency.

The project is a rural development scheme which focuses mainly on software including farmer organization and network development, farmer-to-farmer agricultural extension in addition to hardware of agricultural infrastructure such as farm ponds, micro irrigation systems, and farm road.

SCI, as a leader of project consultant team, assists Thai government implementing agency, Agricultural Land Reform Office (ALRO) through proposing and implementing new approach or components for community development which includes revitalization of local traditional silk yarn production for livelihood improvement and promotion of safe food and organic farming through farmer market development.