Small Scale Irrigation Program (SSIP), Kingdom of Thailand
SSIP was the first Project applied and implemented with the Irrigation Sector Loan finance by the then Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF-present JBIC), Japan. In Thailand at that time, SSIP was reputed as one of the highest-priority-given projects with the Bottom-up approach/implementation manner. Those requests derived from a number of group of farmers in every corners of the country were screened step by step through administrative set-ups and finally decided by the National Water Resources Committee, Prime Ministerfs Office for implementation and management by the Royal Irrigation Department.
JBIC Loans were provided consecutively in 6 phases covering 12 years period with the accomplishment of as many as 6,000 SSIPs (33.7 Billion Japanese Yen Loan) during the period. The project has been highly evaluated on itfs performance especially in quite a large contributions to raising-up of living standard as well as maintaining of social peace/security in remote rural areas.
Consulting services rendered by SCI covered a wide range of categories as planning, detailed design, construction supervision and O&M, in addition to which an emphasis was placed at overall project management, being a pioneer project for management consulting services.