The Survey on Agricultural Information Support System with the Use of ICT, REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES
TSAG Leader shows his mobile phone at Porac-Gumain NIS.
Trainings for NIA staff on the use of handheld GPS at NIA Central Office.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services are already practiced in developing countries in Africa, India and Bangladesh as business by private enterprises, such as extension services, provision of marketing price information, remote purchase of farm equipment and fertilizer, and also weather index type insurance of which fee is saved upon ordering farming consumables by cell phone. This Survey was the basis of the recommendation for the future programs/projects, not only by recommending use of ICT to support agricultural sector of the Philippines, but also by blending ODA with undertakings of private sector as one of future possibilities, with services and know-how accumulated in private sector. Such arrangement is called Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the Philippines.By considering actual situations of services by ICT to reflect needs in the field, the recommendation can contribute firmly to the agricultural development as well as systems for sustainable operation and maintenance. The recommendation included programs/projects which lead to new innovation such as the Weather Index Based Insurance (WIBI) on agricultural insurance to provide fields on which private sector can actively participate as well as form partnership with JICA. In such aspects, the strategy and methodology of the Survey were designed for the contribution to the development and giant leap of the agricultural sector in the Philippines.