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Irrigation Project in Ruginesti-Pufesti-Panchiu District in Vrancea, Romania
North-Eastern Project area in Vrancea district, apart 2 hours distance by car from the biggest food consumption market, capital Bucuresti in the country, is the major farmland located at the upstream area of Siret river in the foothill fan-shaped delta covering approx. 23,000ha irrigation and conservation field. In response to the request by the Romanian Government, JICA Feasibility Study was executed in 1994 on necessary works and study for irrigation facilities construction, of which Project had been suspended when Ceauecu’s Socialist Government had been collapsed. Careful study was carried out on the highlighted diversification from traditional cereals and industrial crops such as wheat, maize and sunflower to new marketable crops including potato, cabbage and tomato together with water requirements, unit water cost, irrigation facilities, project cost, economical input-output balance and marketing facilities which required 10-times bigger handling capacity than Tokyo Ohta Wholesale market to meet with the production and market needs.
The most feasible agricultural development plan and necessity of re-start of construction were recommended for securing the urgent increase of food production in the free economy marke where farmers should decide marketable commodity and volume by themselves instead of central planning economy market, under which system the Government decided annual crops of production and volume, then purchased all produce automatically.