Middle East
The Study on Urgent Rehabilitation Support Program of Agriculture in Kandahar, Republic of Afghanistan
Tarnak Canal : Before Dredging
Tarnak Canal : After Dredging
Completion Ceremony of Khokaran Research Station
M‚“. Sadako Ogata, the President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) since 2003, advanced gOgata Initiativeh in 2001, as the Japanese Prime Ministerfs Special Representative for Assistance to Afghanistan and Co-Chair of the Commission on Human Security. It targets refugees and IDPs (internally displaced persons) in major Afghan cities by supporting gseamless assistance and bridging the gap between humanitarian and development aidh
According to this concept, we were assigned to formulate a plan for Agricultural Rehabilitation Program aiming to improve farmersf life in Kandahar area. Then the most urgent projects were chosen from that program, and implemented. It included dredging for Tarnak Irrigation Canal, rehabilitation of Kohkaran Farming Research Station, and repairing of the governmental buildings. These projects were implemented in a very short period, showing the role of Japanfs ODA activities widely.