Middle East
The Project for rehabilitation and improvement of Sakoula Regulator on Bahr Yusef Canal, Arab Republic of Egypt
The system of Bahr Yusef Canal consisting of five (5) main regulators, located at middle Egypt, is one of the largest irrigation scheme, which covers 320,000 ha or 13% of agricultural land in the country. SCI conducted feasibility study for the system in 1992, and completed consulting services on construction of two (2) regulators out of the five (5) under Japanfs grant aid scheme in 1997 and 2002 respectively with total amount of 4.5 billion J. Yen. Sakoula is the third one for us through the Japanfs grant aid requested by the government of Egypt. The Project aims to practise appropriate water management, to increase agricultural production and to improve farmersf income with other completed two (2) regulators. The construction started on November 2004 and completed on July 2006.