Middle East
The Establishment of Water Resources Information Center Project, Syrian Arab Republic
Since 1990s, Syria has suffered badly from a severe scarcity of water basically due to rapid increases in population and related demand for water. In 2000, after resources were depleted in its metropolitan area: Damascus was in a state of emergency in which people had to ensure the water supply being turned off more than 12 hours a day for a period of six consecutive months. In addition to the water shortage, chronic water contamination caused serious waterborne diseases. Despite this situation, no effective measures were undertaken due to the delay in securing required information on the water resources.

Since 2002, JICA has extended is support to establish “Water Resources Information Center Project (called as WRIC Project)” that provides necessary information on managing water resources and transferring technology on hydrologic observations, an information system and operational maintenance and management.
SANYU CONSULTANTS INC. has participated in the WRIC Project, especially for the establishment of information system and relevant technology transfer to the subjects of:

・Establishment of an effective Network to transmit collected and input data by Basin Center to Main Center,

・Compilation of a Database-GIS System with collected data,

・Capacity development for Syrian staff engaged in water resources management and

・ Hydrological Analysis Technique and Self-training Scheme on the subjects of
 - Hydrological Observation Tool, - Hydrological Data processing Technique,
 - Hydrological Database-GIS System and Networking Technique,
 - Hydrological Application Developments and  - Hydrological Modeling Technique.

The activity on the Project has been carrying out in five (5) years until 2007 for the Syrian four (4) major water basins and exceeding 200 hundreds Syrian engineers belonging to the WRIC Centers (Ministry of Irrigation, SAR).