Middle East
Oasis Irrigated Area Improvement in the South, Republic of Tunisia
Agriculture is a predominant industry in the southern part of Tunisia, but the stagnant agriculture development has been compelling the people to migrate to the cities in the northern Tunisia, especially to the capital city, Tunis. This trend has been an important political issue of the country. Agriculture in the southern Tunisia is dependent on oasis since the annual rainfall is merely 100mm to 200mm. Therefore, irrigation system is crucial for the agriculture in the region. The Study covering 4 districts (GABES, GAFSA, KEBILI, and TOZEUR) aimed at improving living standard of the people of the area by means of improving irrigation and drainage facilities to serve the farmlands in 153 oasis or total 23,435 ha. The Study proposed a project of concrete lining or PVC pipe lining of the terminal irrigation canals and improvement of drainage system and the project has been implemented using Japanese loan.