Middle East
The Project for the Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Amyria Water Treatment Plant, Arab Republic of Egypt
The Greater Cairo is the center of the politics and economic activities in Egypt and lives approximately 13 million population. The Amyria water treatment plant located in eastern side of the Cairo city covered 1.51 population for water supply in the Greater Cairo. The Amyria water treatment plant, one of main treatment plants, constructed 30 years ago with the design supply capacity of 33,000 cum per day was decreased by the decrepit facilities. Water quality of underground wells in the plant was also deteriorated. Finally, it was very difficult to keep the designed water supply capacity.
Sanyu carried out the basic design for rehabilitating the water treatment plant in normal condition and upgrading the water supply capacity. The capacity of the treatment plant was upgraded to 43,000 cum per day after the rehabilitation.