Middle East
Floating Irrigation Pump Station Rehabilitation Project, Arab Republic of Egypt
Floating Pump Station
Inside of Pump Station
Egypt, famous for the Pyramid and desert, has irrigation area of only 3.5 % of the land of whole country with scarce rainfall so that almost of agricultural product depends upon irrigation water from Nile. Depreciation of food self sufficiency ratio and increment of the food importing ratio, caused by the recent increase of population extended to the annual increasing percentage of 2.2 % (1980`1999), become serious problems of the country which requires the increase of food production as the top priority. However, it is difficult to construct irrigation facility newly due to limited water resources of the Nile. Meanwhile, existing 45 floating pump stations, which are located at the Upper Egypt and pump up irrigation water from the Nile where water level fluctuation is considerably large, can no longer function properly due to the deterioration for more than forty years of operation after installation. Therefore, it was urgent need to rehabilitate and recover the original function of these floating pump stations. Under this project, SCI has designed and implemented the rehabilitation of the floating pump stations in order to secure stable irrigation water for the farmland of 3,164ha for the first stage, 2,300ha for the second stage and 4,368ha for the third stage and to meet to change of cropping pattern with a view of promotion of economic development of the project area and increase of income of the farmers.

Maintenance Barge