Middle East
Kahla Rice Farm Project, Republic of Iraq
In 1970fs, the economical condition of Iraq Republic was activated through remarkable development of oil industry, however, agriculture sector of the national economy was rather dull under its severe natural conditions. To make up the balance between these industries, and to correspond with increasing population, a drastic promotion of agricultural sector and to secure food for the nation were one of the most important issues of the country. In particular, in the southern part of Iraq where poor Shiahft Moslem was the majority, it was quite severe problem as well as a wide scale salinization of soil.
To solve the problems, an adoption of high-efficient rice crop technique and management system as well, through introducing of mechanized agriculture, were inevitably required. Thus, a plan to construct around 6,300 ha of paddy field in the floodplain beside the Tigris, near Amara City in the southern Iraq, introducing a modern water intake facility and optimum irrigation/drainage systems. The difficulty of southern part of Iraq Republic is, even in the present after the war, still or farther serious than the time it was planned.