Middle East
Improving Small-Scale Farmersf Market-Oriented Agriculture Project, Arab Republic of Egypt
Market survey at the Wholesale market
Farmers and extension engineers work together.

Agriculture is still one of the important industries in Egypt. Agriculture is particularly important in Upper Egypt. About 53% of people are engaged in agriculture in Upper Egypt, while the national average is 28%. Also, Upper Egypt is the region with the highest poverty rate in the country and has 60% of the total population. In addition, 85% of farmers in this region are small-scale farmers owning less than 3 feddan (1.26 ha) farmland. Therefore, it is considered that improvement of farmersf livelihood is essential to solve above issues.
Improving Small-Scale Farmersf Market-Oriented Agriculture Project (ISMAP) aims to increase small-scale farmersf incomes through promoting gMarket-Oriented Approachh i.e. farming as business to small-scale farmers, for which our approach focuses on the capacity development of small-scale farmers as well as agricultural extension workers and agricultural cooperatives.
Expected outputs of the Project are; 1) establish market- oriented extension approach, 2) develop agricultural techniques for value-added products, 3) strengthen the capacity of agricultural cooperatives for making and implementing their action plans, and 4) extend farming methods based on the market-oriented approach within the target agricultural cooperatives and in Districts. The Project has implemented activities such as training on market survey and farming as well as dialogue with Agri-business stakeholders.