East and South Africa
The Study on the Capacity Building and Development for Smallholder Irrigation Schemes, Republic of Malawi
Weir Construction Work, made of locally available materials only
A weir, h=1m and W=20m, constructed in 2 days by farmers only
The Study introduced a new approach of gSELF-HELP IRRIGATIONh for which the schemes should be those that are constructed by the farmers to the largest extent with Government technical assistances. This means physical assistance from outside should always be minimal or even nothing taking into account the present financial situation the Government is facing. This Study therefore introduced a new approach in the Malawianfs irrigation sector; locally available materials should be utilized to the largest extent with the farmers being the committed implementers. This output which was tried in pilot project implementation was presented to a sub-Saharan conference organized by AU.

Maize cultivation by furrow irrigation