East and South Africa
The Study on Development of the Resettlement Area for Demobilized Soldiers and Mine Laborers from South Africa, People's Republic of Mozambique
JICA took a unique approach to rural development in Mozambique, which has been extremely impoverished due to the civil war, among the other donor countries and international agencies. The Study aimed to formulate a village development plan with the target year of 2020 in the Study Area through participatory process and minimum external assistance in order to encourage local people to support themselves.
Under the Study, several pilot action programs, such as rehabilitation of water supply facilities, promotion of low-input farming system, revolving scheme of livestock distribution and training for local administration officials, were implemented in order to verify the effectiveness of the approach to achieve short-termed targets in the village development plan.
This study is known as a pioneer of a Pilot-Program-Typed Development Study under the JICA scheme as well as The Study on Development for the Semi-arid Area in Baringo District in the Republic of Kenya.