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The Study on the Integrated Rural Development Project in the Baringo Semi Arid Land Area (Marigat and Mukutani Divisions), Republic of Kenya
Maize well established under rain-harvesting agriculture
General Meeting composed of different ethnic groups
Located in the semi-arid floor of the Great Rift Valley, Baringo District in Kenya was designated for this Study, which aimed at formulating a Master Plan to improve living standard of the people in the Study Area, where dry and harsh climate has ever led the people to employ pastoral-based livelihood. The Study was also expected to figure out development measures to be applied for other arid and semi-arid land (ASAL). The Study pioneered implementing participatory community development projects (verification projects) in the course of the study to aim at formulating practical plan and since then its programming (Initial Study Verification / Pilot Project Final Plan) has been built into the technical cooperation scheme of Japanese Official Development Assistance. The Study incorporated in its analyses social structure, traditional norm, natural resource assessment etc. and came up with development directions and practical implementation arrangement relevant in ASAL: in shortly describing diversified livelihood as a survival strategy. Struggles of the Study Team in the whole process were published as a book in March 2004 (gFrontline of Participatory Developmenth, Japan International Cooperation Publishing).

A Goat family starting at improved back (right)