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Eleven Centers Water Supply and Sanitation, Socialist Ethiopia (1994 - 1996)
(1994 - 1996)
The civil war lasted for thirty years in Ethiopia has devastated social infrastructures including roads and water supply system. Heavy allocation of the government budget into military force also resulted in curtailing the resources for the rehabilitation of the infrastructures. In the country, there are around 230 cities, which are supposed to function as centers of trades, but that has been hindered due to poor and old water supply systems. Sanitary situation has also been so harmful in the cities. Under such circumstances, the government of Ethiopia requested a study on improving water and sanitation conditions in 11 cities along the major routes of the country to the government of Japan. Sanyu Consultants took in charge of conducting the Study and subsequent consultancy services for the project implementation, which was realized by further Japanese Grant Aid. Unique point was that the Study emphasized sanitary improvement adding to water supply issue. The Study therefore produced the outputs including the manuals and movies to disseminate the knowledge on causes of water borne diseases and their home medical treatment.