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Master Plan for Groundwater Development and Management in the Stampriet Area, Republic of Namibia
The Stampriet Groundwater Basin is known as the largest groundwater resource in Namibia. The area covers vast arid zone in which large-scale livestock raising on the basis of grazing system with several thousand hectare per household and modernized vegetable farming are practiced by the white. The area is important due to its contribution to the national economy in exporting livestock products and vegetables. However, currently each farmer uses groundwater without any regulation established in the area. In the Study, geological structure, fluctuation of groundwater level of observation wells and water quality by aquifer were surveyed and analyzed in parallel with forecasting of future water demand for domestic and industrial uses based on socio-economic survey. As the result, proper groundwater management plan was prepared and proposed in order to maintain the Stampriet Groundwater Basin, which is important for the national economy. The Plan has become the first groundwater management plan in the country.