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The Study on Community-Based Small Holder Irrigation Development Project Promotion of Horticultural Production in the Foothills of Mt. Kenya, Republic of Kenya
The most important issues of Kenya in terms of maintaining law and order and ensuring stable development of the country, which has a remarkable population increase in recent years, are to secure the opportunities of agricultural production and living life in rural area, and to ease the urban centralization of jobless workers. Under the current restrictive financial situations of the country, it could be considered that development and identification of small-scale farmerfs potentiality and enhancement of the living viability are important subjects in the country, so that around the foothills of Mt. Kenya, which are blessed with enough water resources for irrigation and suitable for smallholder irrigation in Kenya, Sanyu Consultants Inc. formulated the gCommunity-Based Small Holder Irrigation Development Project for Promotion of Horticultural Production in the Foothills of Mt. Kenyah, which aims at principally farmers participation in the stages of project planning, facility constructions, operation and maintenance of the facilities, and introduction of cost-sharing systems by beneficial farmers. Through the study, PRA and PCM approaches were applied, and this study took the initiative in the implementation of farmerfs participatory-type study.