East and South Africa
Rural Resilience Enhancement Project, Republic of Ethiopia
(2012 - 2015)
Pasture & Soil Conversation
Launching the Weather Index Insurance
South-eastern and Eastern parts of Ethiopia fall into so-called the Horn of Africa where there is only meager rainfall presenting arid and semi-arid landscape. Droughts have taken place so far, resulting in acute food shortage. The area is one of the really vulnerable areas in the world.One may say that measures so far put into implementation were of emergency assistance; namely every time when they were hit by drought, they were urgently assisted chiefly in a form of food and water assistance. This has been working and now one may say that on top of such urgent measures resilience itself should be built in the societies bridging over to mid and even long term sustainable future. In Ethiopia, therefore, a linkage between emergency assistance and measures establishing resilience in their societies towards sustainable future had been sought.The objective of this Project was to gcontribute to enhancing the resilience for those people dwelling in drought prone areas such as southern parts of Oromia region and Somali region through a series of surveys/studies and implementation of pilot projectsh. The process of the Project centered on the following, which themselves were the major outputs of the Project: 1) To enhance resilience for the pastoralist and agro-pastoralist people and their societies in the pastoral dominant areas, 2) To enhance resilience for those people who were once pastoralist but now engaged in agriculture, 3) To enhance resilience for those farmers who practice agriculture in the low rainfall areas (Weather Index Insurance Promotion).This was the first JICA Weather Index Insurance Pilot project.(Related article: The First JICA Weather Index Insurance Pilot has taken off in Ethiopia!)http://www.jica.go.jp/ethiopia/english/office/topics/130510.html