East and South Africa
Technical Cooperation Project on Community-Based Smallholder Irrigation, The Republic of Zambia
(2013|on going)
Simple weir at Chipompo irrigation scheme
An expert and irrigation officers doing inspection of a permanent weir.

Rather than waiting for a support from outside, why donft we try something we can do first? To materialize a self-help philosophy, this Project aims to strengthen the capacity of smallholder farmers in irrigation development. Bringing the extension officers in the field of irrigation development, which is backed up by the engineers, smallholder irrigation development is maximized through the capacity development approach.
In this project, a total of 35 irrigation officers are being trained in the planning, designing, construction, and operation and management of permanent-type irrigation facilities and also 150 agricultural extension officers in the construction of cost-effective simple irrigation schemes coupled with the improved irrigated agriculture and marketing.

A farmer demonstrating furrow irrigation.