West Africa
Groundwater Development Project / Rural Water Supply Project, People's Republic of Benin
The shortage of water sources in many rural villages in Benin in West Africa necessitates villagersf work to fetch water to the stream several km away. They have to spend over two hours for this daily work carrying heavy water tub of 20 to 30 liter on their head. Drilling of deep well, rehabilitation of the existing well and construction of small water supply system have started in the captioned project since 1984 and the fifth phase of the project is currently in progress. We, Sanyu Consultants Inc. have consistently conducted study, design and supervisory work for the water supply facilities. Through this consulting service, we made detail investigation on the role of women in the village, hygienic education for the spread and improvement of peoplefs hygienic knowledge and support of enlightenment activities for continuation of organized maintenance of water supply facilities. This case is reputed to be one of the model project addressing issues to maintain and promote the obtained project effect combining construction of facilities (classified as ghardwareh) and utilization of facilities (classified as gsoftwareh).