Latin America
Integrated Rural Development of Former Sugarcane Plantation Area and the Pilot Project of La Luisa Area, Dominican Republic
In 1998, the Government of the Dominican Republic issued the free land transfer measures of the former sugarcane plantation areas in La Luisa for Japanese immigrants. Both Dominican and Japanese governments confirmed the implementation of the rural development for the area as a symbol of friendship between the two countries, which benefits the local residents as well as the Japanese immigrants. Sanyu Consultants formulated a Master Plan for 55 former sugarcane plantation areas in the country and implemented the Pilot Projects in the three sites of model areas including La Luisa area under JICA. The technology transfer on the integrated rural development was made during the study especially on participatory rural development to counterpart agency, the farmers organizations /settlers of the Pilot Projects, which were appreciated among the concerned agencies in the Dominican Republic and outsides. The Study made a recommendation on the practical procedures to implement the Master Plan especially from the aspects of project planning and participatory development.