Latin America
Forest Conservation and Management Project in Northern Coastal Area, Republic of Nicaragua
Some 4,000 people, the largest ever number of casualties recorded by a single hurricane in the history of Nicaragua, were reported dead or missing due to Hurricane Mitch, which hit the country in October 1998. There were immoderate deforestation for slash-and-burn farming and securement of firewood material or pasture land in the background of the disaster. In order to reduce damage of the similar calamity, restoration of the soil and water conservation functions through forest management and reforestation in the drainage basin is carried out as an effective medium and long-term disaster prevention measure.
A land use and forest type map was prepared together with a profile of each municipality in this project. And the Forest Management Plan for Disaster Prevention, out of which villagers could carry out independently in each municipality, was formulated based on the map and profile. The Pilot Study was conducted in nine communities. And the Action Plan, which clarified the plan implementation process, particularly concrete measures to ensure the participatory implementation, was formulated based on the results of the Pilot Study.