Latin America
Aquacate-Guayabo Area Agricultural Development Project, Dominican Republic
The Government of the Dominican Republic, which had been suffering from the trade deficit due to slump of international sugar price, launched a large scaled irrigation development in the marsh areas of about 24,000ha, located in the north eastern region, aiming to increase rice production for domestic and foreign markets. Sanyu Consultants made jointly the study of Master Plan and Feasibility Study under JICA in the sector of agricultural development. The targeted area of irrigation development is located in the peat soil area, distributed in the lowest down stream area of Juna River, the largest river in the country. The study of agricultural development formulated a land classification of irrigation area by Dr. Takijima, a salient expert on the development of peat soil areas. The regional agricultural development plan included land use and farming plans for not only rice but also vegetables and fruit trees for domestic consumption.

Existing Rice Farming in Peat Soils Area