Basic Survey on Sago Development, Papua New Guinea
Young Seedlings of Sago Palm
Field Processing of Sago Starch
In 1980, the international price of oil was boosted extremely up to US$35 per barrel under the background of the incidents of revolution of Iran, the war between Iran and Iraq, and the fourth middle-east war, which happened in October 1973. With the sudden increase of petroleum under the oil crisis, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fishery conducted a basic survey on the development of Sago starch in both Papua New Guinea and Malaysia for the purpose of diversifying energy sources. Sanyu Consultants took part in the vegetation survey of Sago palm by land and air in two major Sago producing areas, the middle and downstream areas of Sepic and Fly rivers and the formulation of regional rural development in the potential area of Sago production.